As the only child of a surgeon, I was raised to be a doctor— surgical knot training at age five, complete anatomy of the heart at eight, my first doctor’s bag at sixteen.Twenty years into my professional career as a photographer, my father was still asking me when I would put away the toys and go to medical school.

Fact is, from the first time I looked through the lens of his fancy camera I was hooked on a visual world in a box. In high school I was known as flash cube. The first dollar I ever made as a photographer came from the local telephone company executive needing a portrait for the company magazine. Dollars and making portraits seemed to be a good fit as I was referred around town and able to buy my first car with the earnings. College opened the door for me to travel and photograph in Liberia, West Africa and Great Britain. It was in these places that I truly fell in love with faces and character, natural poise and gesture.

The stories that can be told in a single image reflect the richness of life in even the poorest of regions. I was quick to discover that no matter where you go, there you are, with people whose primary interests in life were much like everyone else’s.

Fifty states and over forty countries later I still love my job. The stuff of great art, gorgeous light, places lived in, poise, grace, charm, eyes-windows to the soul, all make up what is engaging in a portrait. It is my hope that whatever portrait I make will tell a story that we can all listen to and enjoy.

I would love to tell your story.

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